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Apache Corporation is a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. It is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston. The company is ranked 411th on the Fortune 500.

A former employee of Apache corp wrote "the Apache Corporation has a hostile environment and extreme nepotism that makes working here a real treat. Contract company men treated with more dignity and respect than full time petroleum engineers. Will fire without warning immediately after a 2 week hitch, and not pay days off owed. Couldn’t be more disappointed with my experience with themapache Corportation. If you need any long term contracts with them, just offer higher ups a hunting trip.


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Former Employee - Human Resources says

"No leadership at all, nor do they care for their employees."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Not transparent on interview at all. No idea I would be taking on as much as I did, and that they were spinning off some of their business, leaving my future very unclear."

Current Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"Don't waste your time. Dead end."

Former Employee - Construction Foreman says

"Buddy system. Bunch of kiss ups got to be supervisors. They want that in return. Can't trust anyone. They will screw you over especially if it will make them look good. No loyalty. All about themselves. I could go on and on. Had to give them one star because it wouldn't take 0 stars."

Former Employee - IT Executive Desktop Support says

"This is a highly demanding, pressure-cooking job and the pay is not worth the hassle to the lack of work-life balance that you will experience. Executive admins will make significantly more salary and only support one c-level exec whereas you will have to support all the executives and their admins. You will be pulled in so many directions and will not be backed up by IT management. You are literally on your own since no one wants to handle or interact with executives since there are walking land mines everywhere. You can provide the best customer service and will be back-stabbed and bad-mouthed by minimally talented executive admins. There is a long history regarding this IT Executive Desktop Support role. You will be told that they could not find the "right person" but the truth is that no one that has ever worked in this role has lasted longer than a year. This role becomes open year after year for the next unsuspecting prospective employee. It is shameful that Apache has not corrected this issue but this is very telling regarding their management and culture."


"rumors are true it's a sweat shop. management isn't trustworthy. terrible place to work. stay away."

Former Employee - Purchasing Analyst says

"The list is just too long. In short, you're going to work your butt off here, get paid significantly less than other oil companies, and do this knowing there's no way to get ahead no matter how hard you work or how much value you bring to the organization."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management - they are not leaders and are afraid to speak up. Movement up in company is through the buddy system. All male management. Do not encourage team mentality."

Former Employee - Production Accountant says

"Apache employees are misused, abused and disrespected by management at all levels. Unless you are willing to live your entire life for Apache you are not valued. They have no follow thru on initiatives to improve employee satisfaction. So many of them just faded into obscurity, once again proving how little they value their employees"


"Management was totally directionless. They can't stick to their own decision."

Small Parts Assembler (Former Employee) says

"No advances to other departments Unfair pay wages if hired on over worked on hours and weekends Family never comes first if you have children......."

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The IT management is poor. They keep you in the dark on project decisions. Their IT manager hates anything new. Was almost fired twice because I dared to suggest DDD and TDD."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Rasict employees not very nice not a good work environment for other cultures management not nice at all very hard working environment Not helpful at all"

Construction Foreman (Former Employee) says

"Almost everyone will stick a knife in your back to get ahead. Lots of empty promises. Poor management. Lots of kiss ups are in management. They are going down hill and will have to eventually sell out. Gave them 1 star just because it wouldn't take 0noneeverything"

Field Drilling Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Hostile environment, and extreme nepotism makes working here a real treat. Contract company men treated with more dignity and respect than full time petroleum engineers. Will fire without warning immediately after a 2 week hitch, and not pay days off owed. Couldn’t be more disappointed with my experience with them. If you need any long term contracts with them, just offer higher ups a hunting trip"

Wonderware Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Didn't enjoy working there. Company culture there is not a good one. For a group of permanent employees this company will work fine. Myself as a person of color, this is not the company for me."

NA (Former Employee) says

"No one wants to buy Apache because as the Alpine High Fiasco and lack of results from the Permian basin. Stock went from over 150+ to low 20s now; employees were underpaid in industry because promised more stock benefits, etc. Always worked with a skeleton crew but now you are doing at least 2 other jobs because it is so under staffed. Everyone secretly hopes that some big oil company would have bought Apache but instead now realize that they will instead pay pennies on the dollar for land, etc when the company folds in 2020."

Senior Design Architect (Former Employee) says

"This is major IT sweatshop. Employees were treated like kings and queens. Contractors were second class citizens. God forbid you or a family member get sick.NoneEverything. Employees were treated like kings and queens. Contractors were second class citizens."

SCM (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Apache Canada for almost two years and I have never felt more disheartened to get up in the mornings and go to work. Besides being made to feel very uncomfortable by my interim boss every other day, I was always being put down for asking questions, or seeking guidance. There was no room for growth in the company and it seemed that anyone in my department who ever went to HR was fired within the following two weeks. I will never, ever, recommend Apache as a great place to work. I am no further ahead after two years of being there as I was when I started."

IT Analyst (Current Employee) says

"High turnover in IT, not what it seems… Low morale and lots and lots of work, think multiple times and know about the group and work environment firstHalf days on Friday, exposure to advance technologiesLot of stress, No work/life balance, lack of management support"

IT Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work, work and more work without much reward, Lack of delivery structure in IT, limited mobility and high turnover, only place for few favorites.Newer technologies and systemsHigh turnover, long hours"

Unemployed (Former Employee) says

"Apache used to be a good place to work. During management changes has changed the companies stock has declined dramatically. If you disagree with management either you get fired or treated with total disrespect. Hardest part of the day was going to work."

Field Operator (Former Employee) says

"ok it was an operator job in a low producing field. I learned how to work with effluent packages and sour compressor. management ok co-workers great budjet cuts the guys were the best part of job and having all wells running at end of day"

Pumper III (Current Employee) says

"This place is like a Mafia. All the right people are tied together here. If you're not in your not gonna do well. Work ethic goes out the window. I endured long hours of work trying to prove myself only to see that it was all for not when others were promoted for making the right phone calls..."

Staff Marketing Analyst / System Support (Former Employee) says

"Since founder resigned, core corporate values have been abandoned."

Scaffold Helper (Former Employee) says

"Carpenters didnt get perform unless they were in the clique of the upper management from the valley. No days off for funerals, if you was sick you had 3 days to show back up to work or your firedNoneBarley any breaks if you was lucky you would get a 3 o'clock break"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Apache has a habit of working good people to death and discarding them to save the rears of management. Upper management makes a decision and the entire company suffers. It is difficult to be promoted and there are no clear paths for promotion. The benefits are good. The hours are ok."

Geoscience (Current Employee) says

"Poorly managed regions, job is not very rewarding. Personal feedback as well as production results feedback is completely absent so there is always the lingering question of whether the recommendations you make are working/helping. Data management system is unorganized, which makes it hard for teams to be integrated."

Business Process Writer / Technical (Former Employee) says

"This company has been sold. This was a bit of a sweatshop where a lot of people worked a lot of hours. One reason was because the people were passionate. It was nice to work with passionate people; but the work life balance was off."

Surface Land Administrator (Former Employee) says

"poor culture within certain groups, poorly/lacked any management within groups, people with the loudest voice were most respected not people with real knowledge."

Jo says

"Signed up to WPMU DEV on a 7-day trial as I wanted to test out their Smush plugin to crunch photo sizes. I received lots of email communication throughout the trial from them. However, this wasn't the right product for me and I didn't want to continue - admittedly I should have proactively canceled the trial but they sent me a message telling me my card hadn't processed and that I would either need to "update my card details or click a link to reactivate the account" to continue using their services. Using the word "reactivate" would imply my account was no longer active right? This message, combined with complete silence from them from that day forward led me to believe my account was now closed. What actually happened was they attempted again to take payment the next day and this time succeeded - however this time, (surprise, surprise) no email confirmation was sent to tell me they had now been successful. I was never sent a follow-up email to tell me that my account had been reactivated. No receipts sent. I think this is a company with a business model that relies on people inadvertently signing up. Whilst the onus was on me to go through the proper procedure, their misleading wording and underhand communications tactics have resulted in me losing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I've actually been paying for a hosting service and all kinds of other things I've never used it would seem. In my opinion, WPMU DEV does not put customers first and does not act with transparency and honesty. They have not apologised nor accepted that there is a problem with their poor communications to new customers. I would avoid using them again at all costs."

Vlad Albață says

"The plugins and the services are amazing, but.. they suspended my account and deleted all my website due to payment failure without warning. I lost 3 months of work because of that."

Mitchell Herman says

"Coming from a private server, I found WPMUDEVs transfer service useless. I had a site with a subdomain and they simply couldn't transfer it. To actually transfer a website required multiple steps rather than simply changing DNS servers. If you already have WordPress websites that you need to transfer, this is not a good platform."

Luis Lemc Morales says

"I used the service for 3 months and it has lots of features that might be useful but I have some trouble with hummingbird and support is kind of slow and my problems weren't really solved at the end. I cancelled the service it just messed up all of my websites. None of my websites was working properly after cancellation. And of course, because you are not paying there is no support for you so you just have to figure it out yourself. The solution was just to delete Humminbird because using it free was also breaking the websites. So it just doesn't deactivate "safely" I've tried wp rocket for speeding up one of my websites and it is a light service easy to use and you won`t need more than that. Not recommended."

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